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About Us

A Path To Greatness, LLC . . .


Everyone loses their way sometimes -- it’s a part of the human experience. That’s why our life coach is here, to help you navigate these difficult times in your life and come out on top. With years of experience as a life coach for people from every walk of life, A Path To Greatness, LLC can provide the guidance and insight you need to get yourself back on your feet. Our life coaching services can help you in nearly any area of your life, including relationships, career and business, establishing healthy routines, breaking habits, forming life plans, and more. Let our life coaching services be your guide to get back on track. 


If you are in need of anger management, mediation, or life coaching we are here to help. With years of experience and a warm, welcoming environment where you can be safe to unpack your struggles, we are proud to be the life coaching specialist that our community trusts for all of their anger management, mediation, and other needs. We are here to transform your dynamic world.

We are uniquely experienced and qualified to meet your emotional and mental wellness needs. Our services are also supported by an Advisory Board of clinicians, therapists, counselors., and professionals.  Give A Path To Greatness, LLC in Decatur, GA a call today to learn more about our anger management and mediation services, or to get started in our life coaching program. We look forward to working with you soon.


Together, we can build your path to greatness!



Successful Work Team
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The Team

Ricky "Ricky 2 the Rescue" Hogens founded A Path To Greatness, LL and he is serious about helping others. Mr. Hogens values serving as a professional within the community in the field of social services. His main objective is to help people; and, his goal is to assist people in understanding who they are, what they are doing, and where they are going?


A high level of excitement exists inside of Mr. Hogens when he leads professional experiences as an anger management specialist, conflict navigation specialist, counselor, and Life-Coach. These professional experiences are simply his tools to guide the lives of others to success. His philosophy proclaims that everyone has a path to greatness which is triggered by their own conflicting thought processes.


Mr. Hogens is confident that A Path To Greatness, LLC will guide, coach, and transform the potential within you.


Together, let us find your path to greatness!


Ricky Hogens, MHS, CAMS II, CNS


Our Services


Life Coaching

Individual and Group Sessions

Life-Coaching involves investigating the goals and objectives of your life and matching them to specific outcomes.

We will assist you through the process of developing a life-plan that serves as a guide to achieving your personal, goals, relationship goals, family goals, career goals, leadership goals, and goals pertaining to life after retirement.

Certified Life Coaching


Anger Management

 Individual and Group Sessions


This universal service educates clients about the principles and dynamics of anger management. The information shared during these sessions can impact your professional and/or personal life. Services are offered in traditional format or self-paced class format with certificate of completion.



 Please verify with your appropriate governing body. 



Multiple Groups

General Mediation and/or Conflict resolution services resolve EEOC disputes, workplace disputes, juvenile cases, special education cases, Magistrate Court cases, landlord tenant cases, HOA disputes, church and/or family conflict and business disputes.



Georgia Office of Dispute Resolutions approved.


Contact Us

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Call  404-968-9940 to secure your services face to face or online!

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Our Impact

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