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Learn how to manage anger in your relationship

Is this class for me?

Think about the last argument with your significant other. What happened? Did they make you mad? Most couples experience bad weather in their relationships at some point. This is very natural because relationships can start hot like the summer and turn bitter cold like winter. But if your winter lasts for too long in your relationship or you would like to have shorter winters, this course is for you. It doesn't matter if anger episodes are new or old to your relationship. It's time to learn new ways to manage situations. This course is designed for partners to participate separately and discuss outcomes together after. Furthermore, this class provides a 5-Step Plan if you need a structured way to manage anger in your relationship.

5-Step Plan

There are 5 steps to manage anger in your relationship. It is important to follow these steps to facilitate key components of Emotional Intelligence: self-awareness, self-management, relationship-awareness, relationship management, and Evaluation. You might ask, what is emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence is our ability to recognize/manage our emotions as well as recognize/influence the emotions of others. In 1 hour, you will learn fundamental concepts about your emotional intelligence in relation to anger and how responses to anger trigger turmoil in relationships. The 5 steps listed below can help you respond to anger in your relationship more effectively and help you to calm your partner.

  • Stop what is not working.

  • Managing beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors.

  • Take on your partner's perspective.

  • Select the best action.

  • Evaluate and look in the mirror

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